Alam Flora Recycling

Lo-LandfillToday, I visited a small recycling center in Wangsa Maju. Itis run by Alam Flora, Malaysia’s trash collectors. They recycle absolutely everything but only if all the garbage is properly separated. Otherwise, it just goes to landfills. Probably the most discusting, dirty, smelly, (fill in any gruesome word, landfills are sure to fit the description,)places on the planet. You might want to think about sorting your garbage into these catagories:

Newspaper, Black & White paper (A4), Magazines, Carton Boxes, Mix Papers/Books, Aluminium Cans,  Mixed Plastic, Steel Cans/Metal, Glass Bottles, Bevarage Cartons.

Alam Flora will buy sorted, recyclable products from you. We don’t want our planet to end up looking like a giant landfill, because right now, it’s shooting in that direction.