Nature Conservancy in the Amazon

TheNatureConservancyNature Conservancy is an NGO (, which works with the indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest. The indigenous people now have a say and a right to their land, which makes up 20% of the Amazon rain forest. Nature Conservancy works with these people to help them develop their forests sustainably. They involve the whole community.

Their projects usually start with ethno mapping, which is when the local people point out and map natural resources, villages, where illegal hunting is taking place, mining or logging, on a satellite image. This process also helps distinguish the borders between tribes to avoid conflict.

In 2006, a trading centre opened in Manaus, on the Rio Negro, in Brazil. It trains 15 students, local people, at a time to manage their land and resources. They are taught how to use geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing techniques, natural resource and indigenous management, environmental legislation for 5 months.

Nature Conservancy works across the globe, in Africa, Oceania, America, Europe and the Caribbean, supporting local communities and doing environmental work to help animals and habitats for future generations.

“We work around the world to protect nature and preserve life for future generations.”
- Nature Conservancy

Farting Cows

Most of you already know that cows are contributing to global warming with their incredible amounts of farts. Some scientists say that to stop this, the human population should stop eating so much meat and become vegetarians. Others suggest that we feed cows oregano (an aromatic herb, part of the mint family) based products. According to dairy scientist Alexander Hristov, feeding cows oregano based products reduces their methane emissions by 40%. Not only that, but it also boosts the cows milk production.  Methane, with  21 times more heat trapping and global warming potential  than Carbon Dioxide is a gas we should fear too. In 2006, the UN’s report showed Methane as the second most important Green house effect. So if you’ve got a Dad going around the house farting every second or two, feed him some oregano based products and tell him it’s for the good of our Earth.