JEPS talk and Competition

On the 9th November, I went to Jeps (Jalan Empat Primary School) in Bangi, where Carrier International Sdn Bhd, the Air Conditioner company, had organised an Eco friendly competition. KFE was invited to give a talk about the dangers of plastic bags. I was also invited to be one of the judges for the competition. The students had to get into a group and make an original, eco-friendly, useful object. The entries ranged from photo frames made from magazine pages cut and rolled up, to a motorized scooter made from a painted board and a broken scooter. The 3 winners were: an electric fan made from a basket and wires, a self watering plant and a house made from all sorts of different recycled materials. I had the honor of planting a tree for Kids For Earth in the school and signing the plaque! All in all it was a great day for Kids For Earth and thank you very much to Carrier, Rico, JEPS and ALL the students for making it such a great experience!