The disadvantages of plastic bags


Infants and young children have died as a result of playing with plastic bags. Every year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission receives about 25 reports of plastic bags-infant death.Because of the thin,airtight material,infants can easily block their mouths and nostrils with the plastic bag and suffocate.

If not carefully disposed of,plastic bags can be devastating to animal life. “DEFRA”(Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)reported that 1,678,900 tons of plastic bags do not decay easily,they stay in environments longer,causing more build-up up on the nature stay landscape than a more degradable like paper would. The Marrickville Council reports that over 100’000 whales,turtles and birds die every year as a result of plastic in their environment.

Abstaining from plastic bag use as much as possible will reduce the chances of accidental infant death, and it will reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

A plastic bag is also reusable,though. it does not necessarily have to be thrown away after a single use. Try to use each plastic bag for as long as possible.
This will help reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation.

Raub Leos go to the market!

Yesterday, Lions and Leos distributed 500 green bags at the Sunday market.
That was a big success too ! One of the winning poster was used for the
leaflet given out along with the bag.
Some pictures here!


On Saturday 13th March, Kids For Earth departed to Raub to take part in a day long, anti-plastic bag workshop with the Raub Leo club.

Arriving there, they quickly organised ourselves in order of birthdays as a simple icebreaker. Somebody, (not mentioning any names!) completely misunderstood the game and ended up saying the wrong thing (well, it was in mandarin so…).

Being special guests, members of KFE were not sorted into teams, unlike all the other teenagers. However, they decided to participate in the games anyway, all of Kids For Earth being one team (called Kids For Earth, obviously!).

George, Gautam and Gabriel all attempted (and nearly succeeded) to present the Billy the Plastic bag presentation in both mandarin and English. With the help of a translator, they managed to pass the message through and thoroughly entertained everyone!

After that, they took part in a game  about degradation   where they had to match up how long something took to degrade with its object. The best part was that the 100 PLUS, Chewing gum and banana hadn’t been eaten yet!

Afterwards, Aurelie, the organiser of the day, gave her presentation, again with the help of a translator, about plastic bags and why they where no good. Having looked at the quiz answers in the car, Raphaelle spotted all the fun facts that would be in the quiz such as:  The Great Pacific Garbage dump is 4 times the size of Malaysia.

Then, Kids For Earth brought a group of kids downstairs to have the eco-quiz. It was awesome and some of the answers were VERY surprising!

At 12.00, everybody raced to be the front of a long queue. The delicious aroma of nasi lemak drifted around the cafeteria. Everyone gobbled up his or her lunch, all finding that the sambal was EXTREMELY spicy!

At the end of lunchtime, Aurelie asked Kids for Earth to hide pieces of paper around Chong Ching School for the scavenger hunt. Meanwhile, all the teens upstairs were doing a word scramble, earning points for their team.

Next, Raphaelle presented her presentation on Eco-Schools and how to become one. Mandarin subtitles where already on her power point so there was no need for a translator.

Students announced three things they could do to make the school eco-friendly before they had the scavenger hunt.

THAT was a great success and everyone was running around the school, (in the 100*C heat!)  searching for well hidden bits of paper while Gabriel, Gautam and George fanned themselves in the shade.

To cool down, Aurelie had organised a 1 hour Art session where everyone had the choice to either design a poster against plastic bags or create a bag out of plastic bags. Both Kids For Earth members and the committee of the Leo club judged the winners.

At the end of the day, everybody was awarded a new Leo club grocery bag and a bookmark. The Leo club members all took a picture.

On the way back to KL, Kids For Earth stopped at a famous ice-cream shop on the road and had some delicious homemade ice-cream (although peanut flavour was very interesting…).

They arrived back home at 7 pm, having spent 12 hours out of their homes. __________________________________________________________

Kids For Earth had a fantastic day and would like to say a special thanks to Aurelie who organised everything, Gautam and George for coming and the members of the Leo Club for participating.

Reducing and How Awesome Tote Bags Can Save The World.

So it appears that my last post went, what could be called smoothly. It recieved basically good feedback, hopefully all of you who read it are having a rip-roaring good time throwing recycleable materials into their respective bins (1,000,000 points if we save the Earth guys!) and  Gabby didn’t throw any bricks at me. Although it may have been my imagination when someone attempted to smother me in my sleep with one of our Kids For Earth Tote Bags.

Speaking of which,  Oh My God have any of you noticed how STYLISH those things are? And their so comfortable too! I proudly use mine at school all the time because as well as being a major fashion statement those things are VERY roomy. I’ve stuffed up to 4 folders in there at a time and not a single rip. Not to mention the BARGAIN price I got mine at. I mean RM12? Their practically free! Well…not really but you catch my drift. The point is those bags are just amazing. Like if Chuck Norris, Cadburys chocolate, Cobra Starship and Greenpeace got together and made a baby, that baby would come out wearing a Kids For Earth Tote Bag.

But the Kids For Earth Tote Bag is not only for me to cart my books around school. In fact they have a much nobler purpose than simply helping me heave my insanely heavy books from class to class (just so you know the books feel FEATHER LIGHT in my Kids For Earth Tote Bag.) They have been created for the sole purpose of defeating their arch nemesis, the plastic bag. It’s time for the plastic bag to meet its timely end. The plastic bag has run free for years, being used for a whole total of, about one shopping trip then being carelessly chucked aside, never thought of again. Watch the Billy the Plastic Bag video in the older posts and you’ll see the horror that follows the use of a single. plastic. bag.

If we all trade in our simple one time use, non-biodegradeable plastic bags for a fantastic, reuseable, massive and very attractive Kids For Earth Tote Bag then just think of all the good we’ll be doing for the Earth. No more plastic bags drowning little adorable sea creatures! No more plastic bags taking up room! No more plastic bags not biodegrading and not going back to Mother Nature! We’ll be REDUCING plastic bag usage!

“But Miho! Plastic bags are free! Kids For Earth Tote Bags are not.”

Ah yes. The Big Conflict. Money VS Earthly Good. Sadly money often wins this fight while Earthly Good whimpers in a corner, but let me tell you  boys and girls NOTHING in life is free. Plastic bags come at a price, even if you can’t see it right now. And yes, that price is a little higher than RM12. If you want to contribute to a happy, healthy world simply buy yourself a tote bag, any tote bag and use it instead of a plastic bag. Although you are clearly mad if you don’t think that the super amazing Kids For Earth Tote Bag is THE ultimate, plastic bag butt kicking machine for you. Plus I hear making a difference really warms up your soul and ups your good karma levels. So what are you waiting for? Go buy one right now!

PS. Wow I said Kids For Earth Tote Bag alot. If  you go and count up the number of times I’ve said it in this post alone, I will go do something awesome for the environment, of your choice, and post it up in one of my blog posts.