The Dynamic Tower-a ‘Green’ life of luxury!

A rotating tower? Man, it’s a shame the apartments cost around 36 million     dollars. First to be built in Dubai this eco friendly power should be able to   power not only itself but some other buildings nearby making it the first self  powered skyscraper in history. How will such a tower manage such a fate?  Between each level is a wind turbine and on the roof of each floor, solar panels will capture the suns heat.

This giant rubix cube is the worlds first tower to be built in a factory. Only the enormous, central pillar will be built on site. Whats even more intriguing is that all the furniture will be shipped with the levels!

Living inside the Dynamic tower will be like nothing ever before. The levels will have a voice activated control system so that if you call out city view, the level will rotate at your command. I would love to live in that tower!