Reducing and How Awesome Tote Bags Can Save The World.

So it appears that my last post went, what could be called smoothly. It recieved basically good feedback, hopefully all of you who read it are having a rip-roaring good time throwing recycleable materials into their respective bins (1,000,000 points if we save the Earth guys!) and  Gabby didn’t throw any bricks at me. Although it may have been my imagination when someone attempted to smother me in my sleep with one of our Kids For Earth Tote Bags.

Speaking of which,  Oh My God have any of you noticed how STYLISH those things are? And their so comfortable too! I proudly use mine at school all the time because as well as being a major fashion statement those things are VERY roomy. I’ve stuffed up to 4 folders in there at a time and not a single rip. Not to mention the BARGAIN price I got mine at. I mean RM12? Their practically free! Well…not really but you catch my drift. The point is those bags are just amazing. Like if Chuck Norris, Cadburys chocolate, Cobra Starship and Greenpeace got together and made a baby, that baby would come out wearing a Kids For Earth Tote Bag.

But the Kids For Earth Tote Bag is not only for me to cart my books around school. In fact they have a much nobler purpose than simply helping me heave my insanely heavy books from class to class (just so you know the books feel FEATHER LIGHT in my Kids For Earth Tote Bag.) They have been created for the sole purpose of defeating their arch nemesis, the plastic bag. It’s time for the plastic bag to meet its timely end. The plastic bag has run free for years, being used for a whole total of, about one shopping trip then being carelessly chucked aside, never thought of again. Watch the Billy the Plastic Bag video in the older posts and you’ll see the horror that follows the use of a single. plastic. bag.

If we all trade in our simple one time use, non-biodegradeable plastic bags for a fantastic, reuseable, massive and very attractive Kids For Earth Tote Bag then just think of all the good we’ll be doing for the Earth. No more plastic bags drowning little adorable sea creatures! No more plastic bags taking up room! No more plastic bags not biodegrading and not going back to Mother Nature! We’ll be REDUCING plastic bag usage!

“But Miho! Plastic bags are free! Kids For Earth Tote Bags are not.”

Ah yes. The Big Conflict. Money VS Earthly Good. Sadly money often wins this fight while Earthly Good whimpers in a corner, but let me tell you  boys and girls NOTHING in life is free. Plastic bags come at a price, even if you can’t see it right now. And yes, that price is a little higher than RM12. If you want to contribute to a happy, healthy world simply buy yourself a tote bag, any tote bag and use it instead of a plastic bag. Although you are clearly mad if you don’t think that the super amazing Kids For Earth Tote Bag is THE ultimate, plastic bag butt kicking machine for you. Plus I hear making a difference really warms up your soul and ups your good karma levels. So what are you waiting for? Go buy one right now!

PS. Wow I said Kids For Earth Tote Bag alot. If  you go and count up the number of times I’ve said it in this post alone, I will go do something awesome for the environment, of your choice, and post it up in one of my blog posts.

recycle the fun way.

Hey guys.
I’m Miho, I’m a friend of Gabriel and yes, Gabby has chained me to my laptop and threatened to kill my family if I don’t write for him recruited me to start contributing posts about the environment. The only experience I really have of writing all over the internet is a small blog I haven’t looked at for years, so bear with me if I’m too informal, too sloppy, type “LOL” or “FAIL” or basically offend you in any way. Just complain to Gabby and he’ll throw energy efficent lightbulbs at my face.

Now enough about me, more about the environment.

Recycling! Now unless you live in a hole at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean that has been closed off with copious amounts of cement I’m guessing most of you guys have recycled at some point of your life. But for those of you who do live in a hole at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean etc, recycling is processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. What? Taking something like that can I just chucked into the bin and making something useful out of it?  And since aluminium, the material used to make cans, isn’t biodegradable and burying it does nothing for anyone, wouldn’t that solve all our problems with getting rid of waste?

Mind blown.

Recycling has so many benifits it is insane that so few of us do it! We create something new and useful out of something that we would have normally chucked aside and forgotten about. Stuff doesn’t just go out of existence because we put it in the bin. It goes to a rubbish dump. And those dumps WILL get bigger and bigger if we don’t recycle. We will be stepping out our front doors and walking straight into columns of trash. Think Wall-E guys, think Wall-E. Do you want to live in a world like that? I can promise you that there won’t be any cute little robots to help us clean it up.  We have to clean up our acts, literally.

Is recycling hard? Does it require an immense amount of skill and bravery? Do you have to be mega intelligent like Gabby to do it?

That would be a no.

If you live in a condominium block like me, chances are there are recyling bins in your building as well as your average refuse bins. You can even just seperate trash and leave it in plastic bags for maintainence to recycle where I live. I can appreciate that not everyone has an efficent recyling plan where they live but if  you do, make use of it! Recycling bins are here for a reason people.

And if you’re still doubtful then think of it as a game. 5 points for every wad of paper you shoot in succesfully. 10 points for a can. You’ll probably be better off not attempting glass (But if you throw it in successfully, 50 points!) You see? Saving the world is fun!